The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London
Thursday 24th April 2014

AMC is a simple but refreshing concept: inspiring speakers, great surroundings, amazing company and no corporate sponsors. It has been created by marketers for marketers and as such reflects the issues on the minds of senior and aspiring professionals. Our mission is to help you innovate.

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Neil Cooper

A very quick introduction to the day. The usual stuff. Thank you for coming, thanks to so-and-so for their help, health and safety (don’t run with scissors, don’t play with fire). Key themes running through the day and what to expect.


In his day job, Neil is the Head of Marketing for an award-winning product design consultancy. Following a Danish-fuelled epiphany at a TEDx event in 2012, Neil decided that marketing conferences needed a swift kick up the arse. No more sales pitches and dull exhibition stands. Instead he wanted to create something a bit like TED and the Today Show all mixed together – intellectually stimulating and inspiring.

Goody Two-Shoes

Steven Johnson
Director of Considered

Companies have an opportunity to use their reach and customers to do real good in the world. Marketing could and should lead this charge. What if we can do our jobs and make the world a better place?

But how do you ensure bold intentions don’t end up being a CSR statement in the footer of a website? Can we do well by doing good? Or is there no such thing?


Steven is a writer, speaker and freelance creative consultant specialising in behaviour change, sustainability and social innovation. He is also a former trustee at D&AD, founder of the Considered Creative movement and author of a book of the same name.

He works with agencies and brands to create shared value through behaviour change, sustainability and CSR-related projects. Working with private, public and third sector clients across the UK, Europe and North America his work has received recognition from the Design Business Association, IPA, AHC, D&AD, How-Do and the German Design Council.

A little bit of mischief goes a long way

Harry Dromey
Mischief Champion, Paddy Power

Since it was established 25 years ago much of Paddy Power’s rampant growth can be attributed to its mischievous marketing.  The founding fathers of Paddy Power realised mischief really chimed with our punters and differentiated us from our dusty old competitors.  Customers love the naughty, leftfield stunts while the establishment have a good old moan.  It’s a tale of living a brand identity and showing people what you are all about rather than simply telling them.


Harry is part of Paddy Power’s Department of Mischief.  He creates mischievous, eye-catching stunts and campaigns to communicate what the brand is all about and differentiate it from the competition.  Examples include, Bendtner revealing Paddy Power Lucky Pants after scoring at the European Championships, flying planes over the Ryder Cup that spelt out customers’ Tweets and renaming the players of Farnborough FC by Deed Poll to create the greatest team ever.  Before Paddy Power he worked agency side at Beattie McGuinness Bungay and Leo Burnett.

Alan Titchmarsh or Norman Foster?

Tom Roope
Co-Founder & Creative Director, The Rumpus Room

Exposure to social platforms has made us more demanding. We want more significant participation, particularly experiences that make us look cooler, funnier or sexier.

Satisfying these desires throws up a whole new set of conceptual and practical challenges. Do we need to start thinking more like gardeners than architects?


Creative Director and co-founder of The Rumpus Room, Tomas Roope has been a leading digital practitioner since 1994. In 1995 he co-founded Anitrom, a company which was awarded “The most Outstanding Contribution to Digital Culture” during Internet Week’s Digital Archaeology 2010 (Europe) and 2011 (USA).

In 2012 Tom was one of the first 30 British inductees into the Bima Digital Hall of Fame. 2012 also saw Tom be presented the award of Honorary Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts, in recognition of his “Innovative work in taking computer interactions beyond the desktop and into communities and shared spaces”.

The Rumpus Room, which was founded in 2007 has received some of the highest accolades, by award bodies including D&AD, Cannes, One Show, Brit Insurance Design of the Year and Campaign Media Awards.

Game over for gamification?

Ed Beard
Head of Creative Strategy, DigitasLBi

Humans are inherently competitive. But not everyone is equally competitive. And not all things in life have a competitive element to them. However, in the quest to find some way of ‘engaging’ customers many marketers seem to think that everything life could be made that bit more interesting if it was gamified. Marketers need to give it a bit more strategic thought.


A former advertising account manager and one-time client, Ed’s rich and varied background gives him a wide-ranging perspective and a solid grasp of business, which he uses to translate client’s problems and challenges into workable and innovative solutions.

Ed joined us as Senior Planner from Digitas, where he worked on the likes of HP, Shell and Lloyds.He started his career as a BBC journalist and brings his journalistic experience into the world of creating ‘earned’ media engagements for DigitasLBi’s clients.

Ed has a degree in Psychology from the University of Manchester and a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the Falmouth College of Arts.

Confident Content

Doug Kessler
Creative Director, Velocity

Confidence is the magic ingredient in all great content. But most content marketing is insipid. Lacking the courage of its convictions…

Doug presents a tour of what confident content looks like and how you can boost your own content confidence.


Doug Kessler is co-founder and creative director of Velocity Partners, the London-based B2B content marketing agency. Doug has written a lot about content marketing including the B2B Marketing Manifesto, the B2B Content Strategy Checklist and Crap: Why the Biggest Threat to Content Marketing is Content Marketing


Laura Jordan Bambach
President of D&AD and Creative Partner at Mr President

In her role at the prestigious D&AD Laura’s remit is to promote creativity of all kinds.

During her session, Laura will share with delegates some really inspiring and effective creative outcomes and will help us all see how we can aspire to do something that takes people’s breath away.


As Creative Partner at Mr President, Laura brings together an experimental and innovative use of technological advances and digital media with a deep understanding of changing customer behavior and good old-fashioned storytelling.

Laura cut her teeth as a key figure in Australia’s infamous ‘geekgirl’ hyperzine in the early nineties, and has been involved ever since in the design and implementation of many of the world’s most cutting edge projects for top international brands. She has worked at a senior level at deepend, Lateral, I-D Media London and glue, before joining LBi in 2009. She also lectures extensively at major Universities and centres of excellence.

She has consistently won awards for her commercial work, and has been honoured with personal recognition over 15 years in the industry, including recently winning the New Media Age Greatest Individual Contribution to the Industry Award.

In January 2014 Laura was featured in The Drum’s Girl Guide annual – a celebration of amazing women in digital.

Death by 1000 anecdotes

Tim Reid
Tim Reid Partnership

We’ve all heard loads of stories of insightful insights and amazingly effective nudges that are coming out of behavioural economics.Our understanding of how and why people make decisions is improving all the time but not how these all fit together.Tim Reid talks behavioural science, particularly the influence of cognitive, emotional and social factors on decision making.


Tim Reid has been a qualitative researcher for nearly 25 years.  A decent qualitative researcher does two things, tells you what the respondents said and tells you what it means.  A tape recorder can do the first bit.  The second bit is trickier because people often don’t do what they say they do.  It’s why Tim is so interested in all that is coming out of academia about how we make decisions.  It helps him do the second bit, decently.

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What three words would you use to describe #amc13?

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The people behind Another Marketing Conference are passionate about putting on the best conference for delegates. To us, it is all about the experience. This starts before you came to this website and finishes with you leaving on April 24th feeling excited and inspired.

If you want to know more or need some help, email the event director, Jennie Cooper on You can also tweet us @AnotherMktgConf.

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Q&A with Ed Beard on gamification 04/11/2014 | By Neil

Over lunch we spoke with Ed Beard, Head of Creative Strategy at DigitasLBi and speaker at this month’s Another Marketing Conference.

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