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So another year, another Another Marketing Conference. Like last year, I’m writing this with a slightly muggy head following a post-event ‘wrap-up’ with Matt and Alun (from creative agency The District, who helped me put the event together) and Victoria who ran the show, at the Cambridge Brew House (very good by the way, well worth going if you find yourself in central Cambridge). I know if I don’t do this now then I’ll not get around to it.

Firstly, what did I take away?

Lots. Too much to even capture now. And I’m still processing it all. Here are my personal highlights from each of the speakers:

Peter Waggett at IBM – Don’t pontificate. Capture what you can act on and do it. Don’t boil the ocean, so start focused and build from there. Plus, the technology already exists to do the most amazing things. The issue is the legality and privacy that come with it, those take longer to work through.

Julie Strawson at Brand Perfect – we need to move away from campaigns. More of an ‘always-on’ approach, although that does create demands on our time. Plus we need to think about the experience from the customer’s point of view – is it consistent and co-ordinated. Oh and test, test, test

Richard Murphy at Nokia – Even industry giants like Nokia have to go through change and that process isn’t easy or straight forward. They really looked into the customer journey and thought about what was best for their customers and then they worked on a bottom-up approach to changing the internal culture. So refreshing to hear somebody being so open and honest.

Julie Roberts at TMW – There are some really interesting models out there for planning and measuring what we do. Julie also presented the five basic questions we must ask ourselves. Her slides are embedded below:

AMC13 – Marketing Effectiveness by Julie Roberts at TMW from Another Marketing Conference

Paul Berney at MMA – Mobile allows people to act at the point of impulse. When they have the strongest need they turn to their phone and expect to get what they want. We need to understand what content we serve but also the context of use. It is not enough to present a website on a mobile screen, but what can we gleam about what they are looking at already and where they are. And there were some amazing examples of some very cool ideas.

Rory Sutherland at Ogilvy – There is so much we don’t know about human behaviour and it is an area that still fascinates me. Rory talked about choice architectures and how we need to be less crap than the alternative as people aren’t always looking for perfect, they just don’t want terrible. Behavioural economics is marketing’s greatest trump card when having the discussion with economists. We need to grasp the fact that we make strange decisions based on all manner of things.

Jon Dodd at Bunnyfoot – There is so much science out there on how the brain works and how we need to design products, experiences and communication to trigger responses. This was fascinating stuff and I really want to know more about neuroscience. Jon’s slides are below:

Mapping human behaviour with immersive expereiences by Jon Dodd from Another Marketing Conference

Melissa Andrada and Camilla Grey at Wolff Olins – Melissa’s presentation was short ahead of an interactive break out session that we wanted to try, but she emphasised that brands need to do good. Not in some PR/CSR initiative way but as a way of helping the world. I totally agree. I think downstream our brands and companies will enjoy much better relationships with our customers if they see us as doing good (and we can still make money).

Dave Trott at The Gate London – 89% of marketing goes unnoticed or is forgotten. Yes we need to communicate and persuade but first we need to get their attention. To do that we’ve got to be different. I could apply everything Dave said to every aspect of my working life. He said make people love or hate you, don’t go for the safe middle ground. It takes too long, costs too much and doesn’t make an impact.

Overall I came away feeling energised, empowered and excited. I want to do great marketing because it pushes me into learning new stuff and it is deeply satisfying. That is why I love putting this event together.

In terms of the event itself, I continued to learn a lot about what works and what didn’t:

  • The venue (The Junction) worked well. The layout and vibe was a good fit with our event.
  • People liked the lack of sponsors and exhibitiors
  • People also like the fact that speakers were there on merit alone
  • The interactive branding session was new for us and it presented us with something a bit different. We will explore this for next year.
  • There was a lot to take in, in a good way.
  • I’ve got to be a better time keeper. We over ran by an hour in the end but I didn’t want to stop the speakers who were enthralling the audience. Next year I need to give them longer or be much stricter.

Delegates have been sent a post-event survey and I’m finding the feedback to be really interesting and thought provoking. Lots to build on for next year.

So thank you for coming or taking an interest. Follow us on Twitter/Facebook or join the Another Marketing Group on Linkedin and we’ll let you know about the next event. If you join the LinkedIn group we’ll try and get some of the discussions going around the topics. We can also share further sources of inspiration and information.

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