Are B2B’ers from Mars and B2C’ers from Venus?06/07/2013 | Follow Neil | Connect with Neil


A lot is made of the differences between whether you market to companies or individuals and how you simply can’t apply what works in one to the other. This is correct when it comes to tactics and channels, but even in B2B or B2C what works for one group doesn’t work for another.

So are we really that different? When you boil down to the issues affecting anybody who calls themselves a marketer they are very similar. We are wrestling with the same dilemmas and restrictions. We get caught up in the tactics and day-to-day stuff where the differences are vast but from time-to-time we need to look at wider issue as all of the rest follows downstream.

It isn’t just me saying it. Look at the Modern Marketing Manifesto from Econsultancy and Marketing Week.

Look at these key issues:

Data – we need to understand how to capture, analyse and then use, whilst at the same time avoiding the hype around ‘big data’

Behaviour – customers don’t think rationally and we need to understand how they think and what affects their decisions (this is the same whether your customers sit round a boardroom table or the kitchen table)

Measuring effectiveness – all this lovely data that we can capture gives us the ability to better measure our impact and then evolve our campaigns and approaches

Digital marketing – the journeys that our customers go on, and the way they interact with us, has changed dramatically. As a result we need to understand how this affects our digital presence and how this impacts on culture

Mobile – there are so many opportunities for us to offer consistent and immersive experiences on mobile devices. We just have to think about the context of use and the content that people want to see

Brand consistency – with so many touch points, both digitally and physically, we need to ensure that our brand identify and visual language work seamlessly

Creativity – of all of our skills, our ability to provoke, challenge, shock and delight is paramount

When we put the agenda together for this month’s Another Marketing Conference we focused on the big issues that applied to everybody and we’ve picked speakers who can inspire all of us. It is up to us to then apply these ideas to our marketing strategies and apply the most appropriate tactics. We wanted an event that would bring diverse marketers together under one roof to discuss the hot topics of the day.

So are we from different planets? No, just different suburbs of the same city.

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