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Working in marketing can feel a bit like a board game sometimes. Every time you think you are moving forward something takes you by surprise and bites you on the arse, bringing you back down to earth with a bump.

So we came up with this board game. Perfect over lunch in the office or in the pub. Feel free to make up your own forfeits and punishments for anybody who misses a turn or forgets which counter is theirs. shutterfly site down Just remember, youngest player always goes first.

Please share photos and thoughts online with #gameofmarketing. We’d love to know what you think.

Download options:

Not got a dice to hand? Search the app store and download a free dice rolling app.

@wellmark_corp ”Very amusing”

@LarnerC ”v funny. Often succulent pieces of humour contained within a honeycombed centre of truth. #marketing”

@Dr_Draper ”Unadulterated genius”

@jonbunnyfoot ”Received today and straight on the wall to amuse my colleagues”

@sonjawraith ”So true, so funny, so sad and SO productivity killer: #gameofmarketing”

@saddbaynes ”We love our #gameofmarketing invite to @AnotherMktgConf, thanks guys!”

@mollyflatt ”I like the game…”

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