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I had to share this. My mother-in-law was recalling a conversation she had with friends about what I did as a job and it had me in hysterics. So I asked her to write it up as a blog (her first)…

What does your son in law do, asked a fellow 60+ friend. Oh he’s something in Marketing I replied.

Now I know a thing or two about Markets; the Stock Market, Super markets, Farmer’s Markets and local town and London Markets, I even know about that dreadful advert with those awful meercats, but “being in Marketing” what does that mean? My friend feels the same – but what does he do she persisted. Oh I think it is something to do with computers or advertising, you know selling something. Now I remember salesmen; they used to knock on your door with a suitcase (battered) and try to persuade you to buy dishcloths, furniture polish, the latest fly sprays, horrendous looking jumpers or slippers etc. They always looked defeated and sad. My son in law doesn’t look at all defeated or sad. He looks smart, clean and quite happy so it can’t be anything like that kind of selling. Mmm responded, my friend. Well if he’s on computers and does some advertising, it’s probably very executive – does he have a company car and an expenses account? No he cycles at least twice a week and has his own car but he does go to very “exotic” places on conferences and exhibitions – salesmen with battered suitcases never did that did they?

Another friend joined in the discussion. Well, she said “Marketing” is the in thing to be doing – it is quite trendy!! Yes, we know, but what does it mean? She bravely continued. I really think it has something to with having some kind of product or gadget that everybody who is anybody just must have and you have to spend ages on your computer and you try to get someone to buy it. Huh! See told you it is something to do with selling but you do it from an office in a very smart glass building with water filters and posh coffee machines and it is called Marketing!

What does your son in law do I asked; oh he’s in Media she replied. We won’t even go there. That’s another whole can of worms for us 60+ mother in laws!!

[My mother-in-law is in her early sixties and is a retired primary school teacher]

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