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I thought i’d share my experiences after listening to Rory Sutherland at #amc13 on Tuesday…

After 12 years I’m thinking of leaving Sky TV. I can now get fibre in my village and as my bill for TV and broadband keeps going up I want to cut it back. BT’s Vision package looks good and for nearly half the cost I can get whizzy-fast broadband, TV and the odd game of football.

If I was a rational person, this process would be easy. I’d like at cost – big tick for BT. And then I’d look at the TV channel choice (ok with BT, but based on what I actually watch BT looks like it covers everything apart from Sky Atlantic – no Game of Thrones :-(.

So why am I struggling? Fear. I’m scared. What if I go with BT and the interface is rubbish. My wife will be unhappy. What if my son can’t watch the latest Ben 10 episodes, he’ll be unhappy. Will my daughter be able to watch Sofia the First on Disney Junior? If not, she’ll go mental. I’m worried that it will be terrible.

Having got all excited about broadband speeds I was leaning to BT, but now that fear is setting in I’m hoping that Sky will come up with some great offer to keep me as a customer. But they won’t. For some reason I’m not worth keeping. If I was already with BT I’d get an amazing package, maybe they know that after 12 years I’ll go anyway and therefore it isn’t worth it. Seems a shame really. At least my insurance company reward loyalty by reducing premiums.

This is not the greatest problem in the world is it? If we make a bad choice then we’ll be stuck for 12 months with something that is less desirable but it won’t be terrible. I’ll still be able to watch 95% of the TV I want and I’ll have access to lots of on-demand content. Plus, with the money I’ll save I can subscribe to lovefilm or something like that. But I’m getting all irrational about it.

I’ve turned to social networks for help – but I’m getting horror stories of people who have had problems with BT and their customer service. But I’ve not heard from happy BT customers. I have to weigh up that people like to share negative experiences but not good ones. As a marketer I know this. I know about behavioural economics and rationality. I know that I’m just looking for a sign that others in my herd have made the move and are happy. I don’t want to be the first, I don’t like the risks (which aren’t significant).

I should just do it. Fuck it. What is the worst that can happen? I’ve just got to try and persuade my family now and accept that I’ll be the most unpopular person in the house if it all goes wrong.

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