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When researching potential speakers for the conference the first topic that I wanted on the agenda was understanding end-user behaviour. During this process I came across this report from the government’s Government Communication Network (GCN) which talks in detail about how communication can change behaviour.

It is fascinating stuff and is an essential read for all marketers, even if you aren’t trying to stop people smoking or drink-driving. It talks about the science behind decision making and how by talking to people in the right way at the right time, you can influence what they do. Rogymnasipa . automatic translations Effectively this is what we all do. We try and influence people.

One of the authors of this report, Stephen Donajgrodzki, who worked as a strategic advisor to the government on behavioural change (but is now a senior partner at Equal), is speaking at AMC on this very topic. We also have Mark Earls, author of HERD: How to change mass behaviour by harnessing our true nature who is going to challenge delegates to challenge their assumptions about human behaviour.

We, as marketers and creative types, need to get our heads around the science and psychology of decision making if we are going to really understand what is effective. Obviously, the conference is a great place to start.

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