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Yesterday’s Another Marketing Conference was great. I would say that as I’ve organised it and been working on it for months, but the delegates also expressed their pleasure with what we’ve created. We will be doing it again next year, taking on board everything we’ve learnt along the way (good and bad) about the format, agenda and the way we promoted it. We’ve created something special and something that can grow and grow.

Based on the excellent talks, these are a few of the takeaways for me. Most of the content will be available online in the coming weeks and will be posted on this blog, so keep coming back.

  • That brands are still important, but that we need to work in collaboration with customers to shape what they are and what they mean
  • That brand strategy and business strategy should be entwined
  • That we don’t really act on our ability to make free choices in most cases, we much prefer to follow the herd
  • That perfect is the enemy of good when it comes to content today.
  • That if you want to change behaviour you need to hit people at the right time from all the right angles (and that requires a really deep understanding of the problem)
  • It is better to build communities engaging with smaller, more influential people to start with. Then back off and let them do it, don’t try to own it, just be the enabler
  • That staff should be the first audience for marketing activities, if you want them to deliver on the carefully crafted brand message
  • That augmented reality is cheap, easy and really effective
  • That being a geek is now sexy, and the coders are the new rock & roll stars. By understanding what they do, we can overcome our own fears and have much better conversations
  • That we need to be seamless, more human and faster if we want to stay relevant online
  • That in the future the people with the most money will be old. So we all need to think like a 70 year old if we want to market to them
  • That creativity comes from lots of sources and we need to better understand it.

I also learnt a few things about organising and promoting my own conference with a very little budget. They were:

  • Organising  a marketing conference from scratch is bloody hard work, yet deeply fulfilling
  • LinkedIn advertising isn’t effective, even though it is cheap
  • LinkedIn groups are great for generating traffic to your website
  • When Rory Sutherland tweets about your event looking good, traffic goes through the roof
  • Our cartoons that helped us laugh at ourselves, were really popular (they are all on our blog, just scroll down)
  • Our website was popular as people liked its refreshing design
  • The speakers really bought in to what we wanted to do with the concept
  • That people like decent goody bags
  • That marketers are hungry for new ideas and inspiration.

Roll on Another Marketing Conference 2013. Follow us on twitter to stay informed. Or join the AMC group on LinkedIn.

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