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What if we really did reward goodness?10/29/2013 | Follow Neil | Connect with Neil

Every time I watch the latest TV adverts from Halifax (left) about ‘their kind of people’ I can’t help but feel it is a shallow advertising ploy to make a money-making institution seem nicer. OK, the cynics among you would claim that all advertising and marketing is shallow, but it made me think…

What if Halifax actually did reward good people?

What if people who did things in their local community or contributed in a nice way to society could actually get a better rate on their mortgage?

Now that would change perceptions about Halifax wouldn’t it? The good people in society that give back would flock to Halifax to improve their personal financial situation, while those looking to save a few quid would look to run a local football team or help at a homeless shelter in order to qualify for a better deal. In turn our selfishness could help society (even if it is in a small way).

The marketing people at Halifax obviously saw this same trend in society and decided to focus their efforts on building this image but it hasn’t stretched further into the business (a challenge we all face in our professional lives).

A big theme that I want to explore at next year’s Another Marketing Conference is this topic of doing good. Not just in a “Hey! We have a CSR policy on our website, we’ve put recycling bins in all the offices and we only stock eco-friendly coffee” kind of way, but instead doing the good thing by society and our business. I’m sure it is possible and I think that people want to buy products and services from companies that show they care. The agenda will be announced soon, you can stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter or by joining our group on LinkedIn.

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