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I often ask myself that question.

On top of a demanding day job and a hectic home life with two young children, why do I use what time I have left to organise and host a new marketing conference?

The world is full of marketing conferences, webinars, pointless top trend lists, ebooks or endless Adobe-sponsored content. Why are we trying to establish a new type of event in such a noisy, saturated market?

There are so many narcissistic experts out there telling us what we all should be doing and how we should be doing it that we are drowning in a sea of shit (shit advice and shit content). We want to cut through the pointless, dull or heavily promoted. We want to be excited, energised and inspired. We want to be better at our day jobs and get more satisfaction out of our working lives.

Is it for money? Yes the event needs to look after itself financially, but making a quick buck was never the leading principal. That is an outcome. If we create the best marketing conference and if people love how we do it and what we do, then the event will be profitable and will grow.

But money wasn’t the driving factor. If it was, we’d have done what every other marketing conference does – get sponsors on board and set up an exhibition for companies to pitch their wares. We didn’t do this because it is the part of marketing conferences that everybody hates the most.

Our dream was to create a really special event where people with similar outlooks on life, similar struggles and similar challenges could get together to be inspired and provoked. Because if we are inspired it makes us better at our jobs – we ask ourselves and others a lot of questions. A day out of the office, full of inspiration and ideas also helps us paper over the tiny cracks of frustration and dissatisfaction (let’s face it, not every day is amazing).

We wanted to create something unspoilt by non-marketers. We wanted to create a brand that was real and genuine, as well as being a bit of fun. We want to celebrate creativity and intellectual debate. We want to push, both ourselves and our delegates to be better and think bigger.

How do we do this? Well it starts with the agenda. We listened to last year’s delegates, we listened to what real marketers were talking about and we looked at our own issues. We then went out and found the most interesting and inspiring people who could talk on each subject.

But without you, it is nothing.

Hopefully you’ll look at our line-up and join us in London on April 24th.


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