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Having been a user of Twitter for over five years I have realised over the last year or so that I have not being get the best of it. Being a good corporate citizen I had locked my account down and set the security settings high to make sure that I do not inadvertently cause offence or ‘leak’ anything sensitive. This also enabled me to manage my followers and following behaviour. With the limited input from the wider community I have been getting, I have found that my output in tweets has been diminishing rapidly. With the press concentrating on Twitter issues arising around the Sally Bercow case you may think that this is not a good time to relax these controls but I have decided to come out and expose my account to public scrutiny.

The rationale behind this move is that my role in IBM is becoming increasingly open with more involvement in initiatives across the public and private sector that could benefit from a wider input from the twittersphere. I am also picking up a number of roles outside of my day job at IBM that are more publically accountable and have a lot of non-work activities as well. I could set up separate accounts for each of these activites but I think this seems to defeat the aims of Twitter in giving a rounded view of me as an individual. In addition, my ability to remember which account was which would probably only last a few days before mayhem ensued!

So, watch this @waggo space and see whether my resolve lasts till the conference on June 25th or whether I have ducked below the parapets again.

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